Jun. 29th, 2012 02:46 pm
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So, this is my first post on my DW journal. (I've posted a few things on the community journal, including all but the latest two installments of Alphonse, but I kept forgetting about this journal!)

I have to warn everyone, I'm not the best at this mode of blogging. My private journal here might be pretty quiet, at least in the beginning. So, please, bear with me! I will be eventually moving fic over from Tumblr to LesAmisduTumblr. All of my fic is on Tumblr right now, and I only have a few pieces cross-posted to here, Abaisse, and FFNet.

Partly because of that, and because it takes me months to do stuff, my Tumblr will remain. At least for the foreseeable future. It might shift to more history and Classics, though, so I don't bore everyone here. I can't regret Tumblr, if it weren't for Tumblr, I would never have met any of you! But, this is the deepest I've gotten into any fandom, and I can definitely understand why I hesitated to dive further into my other fandoms of works that I actually like a whole lot more than Les Miserables. (I always felt, and still feel, the odd one out. I don't really fangirl actors, and I'm not deeply passionate or knowledgable about French history of that time period. I'm a medieval and Tudor girl. I never really fit into either of the fandom factions, barring you guys here.) Fandom is frightening, and Tumblr can be overwhelming, so I'm really glad to have a corner with my friends!


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